Sunday, June 26, 2011

where i find myself

i didn't ever expect to be homeschooling my kids.
i grew up in the public school system and in general it was an extremely positive experience for me.
of course junior high was awkward but i look back with no regrets.
i loved high school.
public school turned out to be best for me.
but i know that is not everyone's experience.
and it's okay.
but i always assumed i'd be sending my kids to the public school "just down the street".
and i think if we were staying in Canada, that's probably what we'd be doing with noah come september.
but we're not.
so i'm not.

so i find myself immersed in this {daunting and extremely overwhelming} world of homeschooling.
it's unreal how vast and varied the options are.
and to be honest, because i've been so overwhelmed by it all, i haven't done much research.
i keep telling myself,

it's just junior and senior kindergarten. how hard can it be?

i've downloaded a few free resources from the internet and a friend gave me one of those all-in-one curriculum books you can buy at costco and was on my "to do" list before we make the big move.
and then i stumbled across some lesson plans on the focus on the family canada website.
they aren't necessarily "homeschooling" resources, but are a resource for raising and training children up in the Lord. they're called Kids of Integrity and they're F R E E.
i quickly scanned one of the lessons {go figure, i choose the one on obedience. where do you think we're struggling right now?} and download it. then proceed to download the rest of them.
i don't know if i'll use every single point of every single lesson, but what a great foundation to build upon and use to help teach and train noah and jude {although i'll mainly be focusing on noah at this stage}.

i'm actually starting to get excited about homeschooling and i have no idea what my game plan will be for when we get back, but i'll trust that God will continue to lead me and us where He wants us to be. my job is to respond in obedience. whatever that looks like.

so this is where i find myself.
starting the homeschooling journey.
and i'm okay with that.
for now.

what route have you chosen for your child(ren)'s education?
do you have any resources you love?
and helpful tips or websites?
i'm all ears...


  1. I have my bachelor of education and am trained for K-12 so I'm happy to answer questions about things to cover (at least in the BC curriculum.) Otherwise, I think you were in Ontario and there's the government website on curriculum here


  2. We did Before Five in A Row with Caleb (and Seth)some this year. I haven't been super faithful. But it's a great literature based curriculum that you can make as elaborate or simple as you desire. You will want to purchase all the books needed before you get to Uganda :) And there are tons of women who use it, who blog about it, and therefore tons of ideas to steal!

  3. I am not a parent, but this is a blog I'm absolutely addicted to:

    She homeschools her children (or rather, calls it un-schooling), it may be a bit radical for some, but very fascinating and insightful nonetheless. you may have to dig a bit or look in the tags, but she has lots of stuff on homeschooling. She also has some good insight on children and parenting in general.

  4. You can also get the ONtario curriculum online and it's free. I think you just go onto their website. I was talking to my Mom about that and she said you should consider doing that.. especially if you're coming home and are going to get them back into the public system.


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