Saturday, February 18, 2012

3 great finds

we went to the mall today. my main goal was not accomplished {to buy a potty for jude, but that's another post} but i did find a few other exciting things. you really just never know what you'll find {or not find} here in kampala.

corn flour {it's what they call corn starch}! plain cheerios! coconut!!!
oh the things i can make now!
this is the first time i've seen coconut here {aside from the whole coconut} and i'm really excited to make some sort of granola bar/energy bite for me and the boys to munch on this week.
and corn starch!?! now i can bake shortbread! i'm super pumped.
and plain cheerios. oh cheerios, i'm so sorry i took you for granted in canada. you are delightful and a perfectly wonderful thing to snack on. and to find them at 9,000UGX was very exciting. granted, that's like $4, but it's a lot better than $10! also? a lot healthier than the "loopy nuts" we've been buying for the boys to munch on.
another solution to my morning breakfast woes? flavoured milk in my cereal. i have sorely missed eating cereal for breakfast as the milk here just tastes a bit different. it's fine in my tea or coffee...but in my cereal? it's just not super-amazing. also, cereal is expensive here. so this week i'm trying vanilla-flavoured milk in my rice krispies.
anyway, it's truly the little surprises that can make a day here. i'm learning to look for them, name them, and be thankful.
{and in the future, i strive to never complain about the things i can't find in a canadian grocery store.}


  1. Looking forward to hearing about the potty for Jude!!
    And coconut, yes!! it is so good :)

    It is nice when we learn to take pleasure in simple things.

  2. I can totally relate! It was so exciting to find familiar food in the grocery store! All purpose flour in india was called maida and when I figured that out, I was almost dancing in the aisle. I also had a hard time finding vanilla extract...trying to explain it to the grocery clerk took some patience. Apparently, they call it vanilla essense there. Anyways, enjoy your finds!!

  3. Yay for the simple things you WANT and found! ;) I can see how that would totally make your day (or week!)


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