Tuesday, February 28, 2012


this is my third attempt at writing a blog post today.
mainly because i was trying to be witty or poetic or pretty much something i'm just not feeling today.
but i wanted to blog because i wanted to show you these pretty donuts that me and the boys made today.

see? pretty.
also i needed to clear up a serious misconception on noah's behalf wherein he confused bagels with donuts yesterday. donuts are not bagels. and bagels are most certainly not donuts.
it's because we made bagels yesterday. they were a huge fail. however, i know what i did wrong and will not be repeating my mistake again. {curious? i boiled them for far too long. my recipe was not specific and i didn't realize they needed to be boiled for a maximum of 1 minute, not like...7.  holy water-logged bagels, batman.}
the plan for tomorrow is to decorate all spring-like. and finish off the leftover donuts.
sounds like a great day to me.

have you ever made donuts? or bagels? what's your worst baking/cooking flop? what's your biggest success in the kitchen? are you tired of all these food posts? {circle one: yes or no.}


  1. i liked this whole post (as always), but by far my favourite part is "circle one: yes or no"


    (thincen greasun - great captcha)

  2. Trick question!! but yes, I have made donuts as you know, and used to make them with MY mom!! Bagels? never...would love to know how they turn out when you try it again!


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