Monday, February 13, 2012

i flop my legs over the side of the armchair when the night comes. 
heave a sigh.
it's so hot. i miss the rainy season.
rejoicing when power comes back on so we can all sleep with the fans on. full blast. 
i take a shower before bed to wash off the yuck and dust from the day. 
this morning it's grey. cloudy. thunder rolling in the distance.
could rain be coming?
the wind picks up and blows through the open windows in my living room.
and then...
the rain.
it's been 6 weeks without rain. 
but it comes 
lightly at first in drizzles and pitter-patters and then a bit harder - large drops splashing off our faces upturned with smiles and laughter
and then tapering off to a light drizzle. 20 minutes of rain. 


  1. super fun. there were flip-flops and umbrellas out here too!

  2. Awesome. Great writing... I can picture being there...

  3. Oh the power of water! Gorgeously shared, my friend.

    Thanks so much for linking up today. :)

  4. Your writing has evolved, Vanessa.
    It's beautiful. I especially love the first two lines.
    Reminds me of Ann Voskamp - pure poetry.


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