Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ash wednesday

today is ash wednesday. the beginning of the lenten season.
each year, lent becomes more to me. i think this is a good thing because i think it means that Jesus means more to me - that He becomes more to me. so this is good.
i don't have any specific resolutions/goals/things i'm giving up this year, but my hope is to slowly introduce the concept of focusing on the sufferings of Christ to my kids as well as regularly spend time in both the Word as well as on some lenten meditations. and i'm also hoping to re-read Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper {free download!}. one of my favourite Piper books. if you haven't read it, it's a short book and a great way to focus on Jesus and what He's done for us.
if you're looking for some lent resources either for yourself or for your family/kids, here are a few places to start:
a daily children's lent devotional - counting down from days 40 to 1.
a blog post on why we do lent by the lovely Ann Voskamp
8 weeks of devotionals by Noel Piper
40 ideas to help with your lent preparations
and i'd love to have one of these candle wreaths, perhaps i'll find a master carver here and get one made for lent/advent...

make a Jesus tree by Ann Voskamp (scroll to the bottom)


  1. Oh wow, that wreath is amazing! I would love to have one of those too.

    I'm focusing on being more patient with my children. And Grace. Lots of grace.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. I downloaded the online book from Ann Voskamp. Her wreath looks awesome but let's be honest, Darren & I aren't that crafty & would cost a fortune to get made here in the UK. But I'm going to try to go through the books little daily meditations for lent.

    Thanks for continually leading out in sharing about your relationship with God. You challenge me to go deeper.


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