Saturday, March 25, 2006


I think I've gained a sense of appreciation for the song "Who am I?".
I actually used to really dislike it because I felt it focussed too much on who we are as humans and not enough on who God is. But tonight as I sang the lyrics,

"I am a flower quickly fading. Here today and gone tomorrow."

I was struck with the truth that death seems so sudden. How BIG God is and how small and insignificant I am. And how quickly life is snuffed out. And how many opportunities or moments (even divine ones) let pass me by. I guess I just find myself pondering how short life is and how I truly do need to make the most of every second, minute, hour, day because it really could be my last.

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  1. I love that song. What always gets me is that God loves us - me - DESPITE Him being so BIG and us humans so small, insignificant... and sinful. He still cares, still loves, and still wants to do things for us.

    "Still you hear me when I'm calling, Lord You catch me when I'm falling, and you've told me who I am.... I am Yours."

    That just blows me away.


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