Sunday, March 19, 2006


10 great words to use on a regular basis (in no particular order of greatness):

1. booyahshakalaka (boo-ya-sha-ka-la-ka - exactly as it looks)
This is a great word to pull out in so many situations ie. You have the winning hand in poker. You lay it down and look around at everyone...This is a perfect time to whip out the "booyashakalaka".

2. intriguing
This is a perfect word for when you are perplexed by something or when someone suggests an idea that you aren't entirely keen on but want to make them feel good. It's also great when accompanied with a raised eyebrow.

3. discombobulate (feel free to add an "ing" or an "ed" to this word. It's great in any form.)
"To throw into a state of confusion" - it's fun to say and it's a word devoted to chaos and randomness. It really doesn't get any better.

4. hadabada
Wow. This word is fantastic and you can use it instead of saying "boo". I think it stirs up more fear than boring old "boo".

5. huzzah
A word that may be recognized from "Pirates of the Caribbean". A fantastic hurrah-type cheer that's got a little extra "zip". I like it.

6. dude
This may not be everyone's "style", but it's free and easy going and who doesn't like to be called "dude"? Well, actually there may be quite a few people who don't like to be called "dude" be careful on who you use this beauty.

7. bustacate
This is a fantastic word that you use when someone has wrecked or destroyed something beyond repair. Like, "If you poke me one more time, I'm going to bustacate your face!" Or "Dude! You bustacated my car!" It's a lot more fun than saying bust, or wreck, or destroy.

8. crapload
Again, a lot more fun to say than...well..."a lot". In other words, it's a crapload more fun than saying "a lot".

9. whatevs
Always a good response when you are indifferent. It's good if you can get a shrug in there at the same time.

10. poop
Oh my word, such a great word. Plus it's a palindrome!

And thus (also a great word) concludes my word list. I'm sure there are plenty more great and wonderful (and fun!) words that could be added, but that's all I've got for now.


  1. it's going to be my goal for the week to use "discombobulate". hahaha oh so good!

  2. Here's another great word:

    confuzzled - a much more FUN way of saying that you're confused!

  3. Words 6, 8, and 10 are definately primo on my list. I use them quite frequently.

  4. i espeically like bustacate hahah!

  5. I liked "intriguing"...perfect when you don't really have anything to say...or aren't listening...:P...

    other simple words that help in these situations: "really?"..."oh yeah"..."hmm"..."huh. interesting"...

    got any others?


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