Friday, July 14, 2006


It is croc country here in Florida! So many people have them and I always laugh when I see an entire family decked out in crocs: little boy wearing bright orange, little girl wearing purple, mom wearing purple, dad wearing black. I wish I had gotten a picture. So hilarious.

At the mall I finally saw the much talked-about Mary Jane Crocs.
I tried on a pair.
I didn't really like them.
I think they would be better if they didn't have the two straps - just like a slip-on ballerina shoe. If they had been like that I probably would have bought them.
But I didn't.

Hooray for crocs!


  1. Must we go over this again Vanessa? :)
    I can't believe they have Mary Jane Crocs!!! Nice try Croc people your shoes will never look nice or cute. They sure don't get the diva stamp of approval, ick!!:)

  2. they're all the rage here too in calgary. i can't stand them!

  3. I keep back and forth on the crocs. One moment I want a pair (perhaps white, brown, or beige), and at other moments I feel like I'd never ever wear them.

    I tried Erin's on, and they're quite comfortable, and would be ideal for camp and cottage, but I don't know if I'd ever wear them elsewhere.

    Hm. Crocs, or no crocs??


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