Tuesday, July 4, 2006


The adventures I am having here in sunny Florida!
Today Jamie and I carpooled with Dawn and Eric (some fantastic staff from UWO) and on our way home from dinner (a fantastic free bbq) we pulled into a gas station. Just as we did so, a cop in front of us had put on his lights to pull over the car in front of HIM.
So as we drove up the driveway of the gas station, we watched the car signal right; turn right but not stop. The driver just kept going at a somewhat slow pace. He/She then proceeded to do a u-turn and then SPEED off, make an illegal left turn and try and outrun the cop! The cop, of course, sped after the fiend and we didn't see what happened after that but it sure was exciting!
I've never seen someone try and get away from a cop!
What a fool.
We mused as to what this person's crime might be.

Some options:

a) since it was July 4th this person might have been drinking/under the influence
b) they might have had drugs
c) they might have been speeding (but honestly...take the ticket and be done with it...you'll get it far worse trouble if you avoid arrest!)

Either way, it was pretty entertaining. I wanted Eric to follow them, but he was out of gas. Too bad.
Oh Florida...what more can you hold for us?

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