Sunday, July 2, 2006


What a fiasco!
Yesterday I drove to Cocoa Beach with Jill, Jen and Esther. It looked like a goregeous day, we were all pumped to be going to the ocean and even more excited to be so close to the Discovery Shuttle Launch that was happening nearby!
Fiasco number uno was probably wrong-way-on-the-highway fiasco.
Instead of going East we (and when I say "we" I guess I really mean "I") took the 528 West and drove for what seemed like forever since there were no exits.
Then I finally spotted an exit up ahead! Hooray!
Oh wait a second...we have to pay a toll. Stink.
This would be the toll fiasco.
Turns out there was no one manning the toll booth and it was exact change only.
Not bills. Not Canadian change.
American change.
And out of all four of us girls not one of us had $1.00 in change. *sigh*
So there we sat in the little green civic for about 3 minutes just laughing and saying to each other, "What are we supposed to do?" There was no one in site. No other cars. No people, not even any animals (not sure what they would do for us...)
When I said that I would have to drive through without paying the toll Jill noticed a metal plate on the ground ahead of us.
"What if that's a spike tread?"
Oh gosh. So my tires are going to be spiked for not paying one lousy American dollar?
Nope. They were fine. HOWEVER...the big red STOP light started flashing and a loud siren went off - kind of like when convicts escape from prison.
So I did a u-turn and got on the ramp to get on the 528 East. And of course, another toll was required to get ON the highway.
Another red flashing light and a loud convicts-are-escaping siren and we were back on our way to Cocoa beach.
Then at the beach the shuttle didn't take off.
But that was ok. Because it was a nice day.
A little too nice.
Enter the burnt-like-a-lobster fiasco.
Yeah...I fried like an ant under a magnifying glass.
Then there was the traffic fiasco.
A normal 1 hour trip on the way there (minus the wrong-way-on-the-highway fiasco) took 3.5 hours to get home.
I hate traffic.
Especially while driving a standard car.
In Florida.
In 90 degree heat.
With no a/c.
Like a lobster.
Good times, folks. Good times.
Thank goodness I don't have to rely on my own strength to have a good attitude. (Thanks God!)
So at 10pm, having eaten nothing since that morning (cereal) and Pringles, I chowed down on some crackers and cheese and slathered on some moisturizing lotion (there was no aloe to be found) and crashed.
Oh yes. What a day of fiascos.


  1. Hi Vanessa!

    I missed out on meeting you when I had lunch with some of the Guelph Folk! So far everyone seems amazing, and from what I hear you are no expectation to the amazing Guelph staff rule!

    Glad to hear you're having fun, I can't believe Jen shared that story! I'm good with the first impressions. I'm excited to meet up at conference.... teach me some of the stuff you pick up in Florida!

  2. Oh babe, good to hear you are having 'the time of your life' down there. miss ya.

  3. THat's hilarious. I like the criminal part. Good times.


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