Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My o my how time has flown by!
Tomorrow is my last day of classes and my last exam for IBS (Institute of Biblical Studies).
I'm writing this as a "break" from my reading/studying binge.

Reflections on Florida, my time spent in Florida and the US at large:

- it's hot
- I've seen more cops here than I ever have - possibly in my life
- the food portions in restaurants are generally gargantuan
- it's common to crank up the a/c to ensure that you will get sick from the outdoor/indoor temperature extremes
- I like eating out
- people drive slower
- people drive slowly in the fast lane
- Americans know how to shop!!!
- Southern Baptist Theological Seminary seems like a great place to study and get solid theological teaching
- Fuller Theological Seminary doesn't hold to the inerrancy of the Bible
- having a/c in your car is generally preferable
- Disney World is not just a park; it is literally it's own little world - Magic Kingdom is the park!
- Timeshare presentations are tricky and persuasive
- don't assume the sunscreen you put on 2 hours before sweating in a car is going to protect you for 4 hours at a beach on a goregeously sunny day
- I hate toll roads
- if you run a toll a blaring siren goes off, but no one comes after you with guns blazing
- God is so very gracious
- Panera Bread is quite possibly my favourite place to chill - it's better than Starbucks (in my opinion)
- reading Systematic Theology takes longer than I usually anticipate

On that note I need to get back at it!


  1. dallas theological seminary??! no way! I'm totally shocked!! I knew Fuller Sem. had that stance, but Dallas?? a lot changes in 2 years.

  2. oh. I see the change. phew. :)

  3. Sounds like you learned a lot and had an amazing experience! Say "hi" to Jamie,


  4. Vaness - i know a couple at southern baptist. they will convince you to join them if at all possible.

    also, now you can find my blog. if you find this comment. you need to write about how much fun we are having in abbotsford.


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