Monday, July 10, 2006


I am really looking forward to these next two weeks.
Our new "semester" just started today and the class we (Jamie and I) are taking is called God, Bible, Holy Spirit and our prof is Bruce Ware from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
What a great speaker! I was totally captivated and the two hours felt like 30 minutes.
The way he communicates really pumped me up and helped me to understand some of these more complex doctrines.
Today we learned about Revelation. I really enjoy learning the meanings of words and how they came to be. My favourite word that we learned about today was Inspiration. Inspiration comes from the Greek (?) word theopneustos. Theos meaning God and pneumo meaning spirit/wind/breath. So "inspiration" literally means God-breathed. I think I knew that before but to just go through it so carefully and extensively really hit the meaning home for me.
I also appreciate when speakers are passionate about what they are teaching. It means a lot to hear that what he's speaking on for the next two weeks are his favourite subjects to speak on and learn about.
And one thing that I will need to keep in the forefront is something called Verbal Plenary Inspiration. The reason I find this so important is with all the emergent literature (Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, etc.) and so many doctrines being shoved by the wayside in favour of being politically correct or catering to people who find the gospel offensive (...umm) Verbal Plenary Inspiration is something important to hold to. Verbal meaning the actual language of the Bible (words, grammar, syntax, etc.) and Plenary meaning all of the Bible. The whole phrase means that all of the Bible in the exact language in which is was written is inspired. that's my educational rantings for today.
To sum up: I'm really excited about the next two weeks and I look forward to growing in my knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrines. But more importantly I look forward to growing in my faith and confidence in the Bible and in God.


  1. nice slide pic on the side bar. great pics!!

  2. Hey you!

    How in the WORLD did you do that with your pictures??? That's so totally awesome, dude!

    Mudda Sik! (Bahamian for Oh my goodness!)


  3. Sounds like you are learning some amazing things. What a privilege to study under such a wise, godly, and knowledgeable professor. May God richly bless you and Jamie in your studies,



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