Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday was my birthday and since it was also a Saturday I was able to celebrate with my friends as well!
It was a great day and I really enjoyed every part of it;

- waking up to the delicious smell of bacon
- enjoying breakfast in bed with Jamie as we watched last week's episode of Lost that we had previously taped
- lounging around the house and then going out for lunch with Jamie to a "surprise" location
- the "surprise" location was a fantastic little cafe in Rockwood where we each enjoyed amazing rib-eye steaks and veggies
- getting ready for the big birthday bash and getting to try out new recipes
- seeing tons of friends (but not too many for our apartment) and playing games, chatting and enjoying some fantastic live music at Pablo's

This was one of my favourite birthday parties. What a great day!
And I found out that my laptop will probably be here in the next couple days instead of in a week from now!
Today I was treated to lunch with my family in Toronto and also got some beautiful pashmina scarves from my Mom (thanks Mom!).
What a blessed woman I am to have all these wonderful people in my life.
I look forward to the next 25 years and whatever is in store for me!


  1. Hooray for birthdays! :) It was fun being a wee part of your special day! :)

  2. Bonne belated fete a toi, Vanessa!!! Hoorah! So great to hear of your blessed day with friends and family. Beth Fisher, now here with us at UofBC, apologises for not being able to make it to your special day, but wishes you well:)


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