Sunday, October 8, 2006


Saturday Jamie and I drove to Toronto for Thanksgiving with my family. It was a goregeous day so we went to the Lakeshore to walk on the boardwalk and play bocce ball.
I love how family dynamics change as you all grow old enough to hang out together as "adults". Even Bear (our dog) behaved!
We had an incredible dinner together and each shared things we're thankful for - focussing on the past year and things that have happened. It was so encouraging to hear of how God is working in and changing my mom's life. It really brought tears to my eyes and made me so thankful that He really is the Great Physician and He definitely binds up the brokenhearted.
I am thankful for Family.


  1. Hooray for family bonding! Hearing about your mom has brought a smile to my face:) oh, praise Him!

  2. Wow, this new blog is interesting Vaness, nice facelift! (or bloglift I guess)


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