Saturday, October 14, 2006


A few days ago I tried to blog but it got accidentally deleted - so I didn't retry it.
Now I have much more to blog about than some freak snowstorm (which is significant in it's own weathery-type category).
This past Friday was our staff day for evangelism. All the staff came to Guelph and we paired off and went into all the popular hang-out spots at the U of G to go "sharing".
Now in the whole gamut of feelings toward doing initiative evangelism (from those who just LOVE it to those who HATE it) I fall somewhere in the "I love it" category but still don't find it incredibly easy to do - or at least I struggle to get out there and do it. Once I'm doing it, I love's the whole momentum thing I struggle with.
But I do love doing it and I do love going with people I haven't gone before. In the morning I went out with MC and we approached and spoke with several girls. They were all really good conversations and 2 of the 3 conversations were longer than 30 minutes. Good, solid conversations where the gospel was presented.
In the afternoon I went out with Sean and we talked to this one guy for about 45 minutes. I was so encouraged by this conversation. Here was a guy in philosophy and was captured by guys like - I'm totally drawing a blank here - crap. Basically, he was captured by the Christian philosophers that he was studying. Here was a guy who was well informed, logical and asks himself the "big" questions of life. He was open and honestly seeking.
And then came the most incredible conversation with these two guys. This time I was sharing with Allan. These two guys and Allan and I talked for over an hour and a half about everything from the historicity of the Bible, to the claims of Jesus to absolute truth, to heaven and hell and everything! It was awesome and heated and full of debate and listening and talking and opinions and questions and ultimately was all about Jesus. In the end my heart broke for these guys who think that there is nothing more than this life. One guy even said, "I am my own god."
Wow. I can't even imagine the anger/sadness/grief that is felt by God as so many people either say that statement verbally or communicate it by their actions.
But I was so pumped afterwards. We even had to cut the conversation so we could get our rides.
Who says people don't want to talk about about their spiritual beliefs?
In a span of around 4-5 hours I only spoke to 7 people! That means that I either hung out in the bathroom a lot (which I didn't) or that the people I spoke to were really interested and the conversations just lasted longer than 5 minutes.
I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I love my job.


  1. nice and nice.
    great post chica
    of course i can totally relate to the momentum thing with evang. totally killer. i would rather hide in the bathroom than get out there but then once i am out there i love it to!
    thanks for sharing about all your GREAT conversations! love to hear that stuff.
    do you guys do this staff day of ev every friday?

  2. Ahh...such encouraging news:D Thanks Vanessa! Keep up the zeal and may God continue to grant you the heart of compassion:) I'm praying for you.


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