Sunday, September 19, 2010

Conversations with an almost 3 year old

Today at lunch we were sitting and enjoying our BBQ (because who doesn't love a September BBQ?) when I decided to ask Noah what he did in children's church.

Me: What did you learn about today, Noah?

Noah: Um....*pause* Abraham.

Me: *somewhat shocked* Abraham!?! Wow! *pause as I think up a good follow up question* What did Abraham do?

Noah: Um...I don't know. *pause* He did this. *points his finger up*

Me: This? *I point my finger up*

Noah: Yes. At all the stars.

Me: Because God promised to give him as many children as there are stars in the sky?

Noah: Yes. And Sarah was there. And she had a baby.

Me: *continuing to be jaw-droppingly amazed at his retention and ability to communicate the lesson he heard* And what was the baby's name?

Noah: Isaac.

Me: Wow. Baby Isaac.

Me to Jamie and Tim (our friend who was over for the day): This is amazing! I love this age!

We continue our conversation for a few more seconds and then it turns to something else - probably poop or how apple juice has sugar in it.

But for those few minutes there, I was basking.

Basking in the absolute pleasure and joy and amazement of hearing and seeing my son learn about something amazing and be able to tell me all about it.

Parenting. There is literally NOTHING like it.

I love my job.


  1. aww Vaness that is so heartwarming! i look forward to the day (if the Lord wills) when i'm a momma and can have those sweet moments with my kids

  2. WOW I'm impressed, I have a hard time recounting what I've done 10 min ago! :P

  3. i love your job too.
    one day, God willing i'll have the sam job.
    in the mean time..i'm loving "job shadowing"


  4. Ahhhh this brings me back. And wait it gets better. My 16 year old son got saved and actually wants to do what God wants for him. I'm so proud I could explode.



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