Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey Jude...{PS I love you}

Jude, oh my Jude.


I just can't get enough of you.

And sometimes you drive me bonkers.

You are cheeky. Hilarious. Stubborn. Persistent. Smart. Driven. Laid-back. Serious. Funny. Happy. Fussy. Easy. Tricky. Adorable. Surprising.

You make me want to eat your cheeks. Squeeze your thighs. Pinch your double-jointed toes.

Play ball with you. Keep you up late. Give you an early bedtime. Watch you cock your head back all the way so you can get the last little drop of milk out of your sippy. Throw you up in the air. Make you laugh. Cuddle you close. Kiss your forehead. Laugh out loud. Scream out loud. WhisperI love you onto the top of your head. Watch you as you sleep. Pray you sleep in. Hold you close and never let you go.

You are my second born and I love you oh-so-much. You have completed this family {for now} and the joy you bring to my heart and life are such that I could never be able to put them into words.

You have been out of the womb for almost 14 months now and it's like you've always been with us. We don't know life without you anymore.

Your hair. It kills me. It curls and flops and sticks up and out and I really don't want to cut it. So for now, we'll leave it.

I still call you "baby". I'm not sure when I'm supposed to stop. I don't imagine I will any time soon.

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