Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More funnies from Noah

Today at lunch:

Jamie: Hey baloney?

Noah: Yes, Jamie?

I cracked up. I couldn't help it. And then I wrote that exchange down. Jamie's met his match, I think.


Noah in the car: Hop on the bus, Gus!
Me: Where did you learn that, Noah?
Noah: Grandma.

After dinner:

Noah: My tummy is SO FULL. (then proceeds to lift up his shirt to show us his large tummy.)

Noah wandering around the living room: Hey anybody seen my Hummer?

And pretty much at least once a day he says this:

My teeth are dirty!


Apple juice has sugar in it, Mommy.

Keep 'em coming, Noah. I love your hilarious sayings!


  1. I'm SO gonna start saying "hop on the bus Gus!" :)

  2. I'm at work and couldn't help laughing out loud, like the old man laugh under your breath while head bobbing kidna laughing! I think my fav was "Yes Jamie?" and the Hummer comment. Man alive this kid is hilarious. I"m so glad your'e writing this down!

  3. at first I didn't get why the first quote was so hilarious...i had to read it twice. then i laughed.

    also, "hop on the bus, gus" is a line from the song 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. It's quite famous...the idea of Noah quoting is even funnier than just saying a random line from Grandma!

  4. Beth, I was going to write that too! It's hilarious a 3 year old (almost) quoting Paul Simon! I used to listen to that song because my parents had the record.


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