Friday, September 10, 2010

Noah's sleep update

Just an update on Noah's sleep issues:

Ever since we put in place Noah's sleep rules and his sleep chart, he has been doing amazing!

Every single night he's gone to bed with no fuss and quietly slept until the morning. The stickers and the "treats" are a huge incentive and although he still gets confused about when he gets his treat, I think it's really working.

He's got two more rows of stickers to fill up and then I think we'll use the chart for something else.

Also, every nap and bedtime I ask him what his sleep rules and he says:

Stay in my bed.
Close my eyes.
Be quiet. Sh Sh Sh.

It's really sweet and cute the way he says it. Maybe some day I'll catch it on video.

I'm really proud of him and so happy for how this has really worked for all of us!

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