Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I woke up and was slammed with mad dizziness.

It sucked.

I called my Mom.

She's awesome and came to help out with the boys so Jamie could go to work and not have to stay home.

I lay in bed for the larger portion of the day. Read. Slept. Ate lying down. (Which is surprisingly difficult to do.)

It was frustrating, really. I wanted to get on my intense running regiment for the last 4 weeks before I run my 10k. And I actually felt fine as long as I was lying down. The minute I sat up, stood up or walked anywhere I felt ridiculously dizzy and then the nausea would start.

So yeah. It sucked.

So I got in to see my doctor this afternoon.

I'm not pregnant (in case you were wondering).

I don't have a virus (apparently).

We don't really know what this is (because this is the third time this has happened to me in the last 6ish months). But I got some wicked drugs to help keep the dizziness at bay so I can at least function should it happen again (I'm at probably 85% right now).

So not much was accomplished - at least tangibly.

But my boys were loved on. We all got to eat and laugh and love.

So...perhaps it was a good day.

(Can I say, "Screw you, vertigo!" ?)


  1. Yup, you can say it LOUDLY!! I hate vertigo more than anything else I've ever been through, including labour!

  2. you can say it...infact write a blog post that just says "Screw you, vertigo" in like 100 font. It will make you feel better.

  3. Hahah...Tim. Maybe I'll save that one for my drafts and randomly publish it.

  4. boo! sorry to hear that. that's horrible. i'll pray for you today. i'm so thankful your mom was around to help. what a blessing! love you vaness!


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