Monday, September 6, 2010

Wind your toy

Last night we all went to the Guelph Pep Rally at the university.
Every year all the first year students gather in the bleachers in the football stadium and get some speeches delivered to them, but then they get a chance to perform their choreographed boogies. They get into their respective dorms and then try and "out boogie" each other.

And every year people from the hill across from the bleachers attempt to join in and blend in with the boogie-ers. I had my year. But Jamie likes to join in every year. This year he took Noah for the last boogie we stayed for.

Noah LOVED it. And EVERYONE on the hill was watching him and laughing at all his cute antics.
When Jamie and Noah came back off the field, Jamie lifted Noah high into the air and ran across the bottom of the hill. Everyone erupted into a loud cheer! Noah was a star!
He didn't quite get that they were cheering for him, but when I told him, a small smile spread across his face.
It was adorable.

Noah busts out his own dance moves.

Jamie shows Noah how to "wind his toy".

Look! He's actually winding his toy!


  1. SO AWESOME! Your boys are going to have so many opportunities and experiences no kids get to have unTIL uni :) he IS adorable!

  2. jamie is awesome. i admire him :)


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