Tuesday, September 7, 2010

notes to myself so I don't ever forget

Things I don't want to forget about my boys:

Noah, sitting and eating an afternoon snack: It's 29 bucks.
Me: What's 29 bucks?
Noah: Um, my toes.

Jude crawling/climbing. Seriously. The kid will climb up and down anything he can. Today it was up onto a kid chair and then up onto a rubbermaid container (I'm dragging out the fall gear) and then back onto the chair and then back up onto the container. Easily over 20 times.

Jude getting into EVERYTHING. Yesterday alone I caught him with a black white board marker in his hand almost sucking on it with a black streak across his cheek and black-streaked hands, also probably mildly electrocuting himself by sucking on a computer charge-cord that was plugged into the wall but not into my computer and of course getting up to the fourth stair but not knowing how to crawl back down and then just generally crawling away from me as fast as he can while giggling maniacally the entire time. I am SO in trouble with this one.

Noah: This dinner is delicious, Mommy.
He was picking through his curry and eating all of the chickpeas.
I like the chickpeas.

Jude starts crying.
Me: Oh no. What happened?
Noah: I kicked him.
Me: Noah. You KNOW that in our family we don't kick. What do you need to say to Jude?
Noah: I'm sorry Jude for kicking you. I forgive you.
Me: No, you say, "Will you forgive me?"
Noah: Will you forgive me, Jude?

So sweet.

While most times Jude just crawls into Noah's carefully lined up cars and demolishes any semblance of order Noah had created and Noah usually screeches with displeasure at this "giant baby" invading his car-land, sometimes he is gentle and understanding and shares willingly and makes Jude laugh.

Like yesterday when we were jamming to some Sharon, Lois & Bram (or SLB as Jamie likes to refer to them as) and Noah started imitating some of the sounds and words that were being sung and Jude just giggled away. So Noah kept doing them and they were laughing together and being silly. And my heart just gushed.


This was what my heart longed for.

Honestly? It's these moments that make everything else so worth it.


  1. I made a spontaneous comment about this post, but it "errored" and i can't really remember how i put it. basically i love noah's honesty...and confusion. and i think i said that i'd have to laugh if it was my kid and that i probably wouldn't be able to discipline them. and then i think i said "heaven help us if we have children with character". there you go. :) xo

  2. Yep, this is what it is all about, these small moments that put together make parenthood so wonderful.


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