Monday, October 9, 2006

Thanksgiving Thoughts

4 Thanksgiving dinners later and I'm literally as stuffed as one of the feathered friends I ate!
Ok, so I'm obviously not LITERALLY that stuffed (cuz I'd be dead if I were) but I vow to the blogging world - I, Vanessa, will never again eat 4 Thanksgiving dinners in one weekend ever again.
But it was a good time with many different families and friends and those are the memories that I will take away with me (and hopefully not this horribly bloated feeling) and remember for many years to come.
It's also a Thanksgiving that comes (or ends) with the announcement of new life - nope, it's not me who's pregnant - and the tumult of emotions that I now feel as I think of my dear friend and the precious life that is miraculously growing within her. What a new phase in my life! No one I've been close (in both relationship and age) to has started to have babies and now it's upon me. A brand new phase in my life - one that is similar to the phase when my friends started to get engaged and married. And this new phase is having a similar effect on me. I become introspective and look at different things in my life but ultimately I come before Jesus Christ with my life and my hopes and dreams and wishes and goals. I know that I want what He wants for my life - more than anything else I want what He wants. There is an increased effort and submission to Him in prayer because in all of this I realize how little I know about life but an eventual increase in peace knowing that HE knows EVERYTHING about life - and everything about MY life. My past, my present and my future. What a relieving and comforting thought.
Oh God how I praise you for your omniscience. For your Sovereignty and for your supreme wisdom and power.
I echo the words of a song:
Lord, reign in me.

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