Sunday, October 1, 2006


I've only been home for just under an hour but I just feel the need to write about this weekend.
Summit was incredible. God is incredible. Over 400 students came to Camp White Pine this weekend for our Campus for Christ Retreat - my buzzer just went to change the laundry - Mm...fresh laundry. Where was I?
Right. Summit. 400 students.
My heart is so full of joy and amazement that despite the fact that this year our campuses split off (and there were only 8 campuses instead of the usual 12 or so) that we had MORE students from LESS campuses turn up. Wow!
Friday night was insanely cold; minus one degree to be exact. At least, it was cold for September 29th. Despite the cold we all gathered in the Pintages for school spirit (Guelph...I'm so proud of you and I am so blessed to be working with all of you - and Mac...the fact that you had over 130 students show up is honestly a testimony of God's grace and power - it's true...even if you were a little obnoxious. :P) incredible worship and both hilarious stories and words of truth from our speaker, Alex Philip.
I also appreciated the drive up north - the colours of the trees are mind-blowing! I just soaked it in while listening to a fantastic sermon by Mark Driscoll. I love nature. That aspect alone of the weekend was a blessing in itself.
And God showed up. He truly did.
Saturday was such a great day. Worshipping in spirit and in truth, playing some great games, talking with new friends, old friends and even recent heart was just so blessed from this weekend. I think because I remember my first few Summits when I didn't know anyone and felt extremely out of place and struggled to get to know people. Now when I come I see familiar faces who know me and love me and we are labouring together for Christ - and I love that!
Saturday night was my favourite session. Alex talked about sin and its affect in our lives and its destructive nature. I was scribbling notes like crazy as he talked about Joshua from the Bible and how when one of the Israelite's committed a sin God took it so seriously that it was not only that particular person's sin, but the entire nation of Israel's sin! Sin is serious. And another point that stuck out to me is that sin is not disconnected from God. It is intimately connected to who God is and is an affront on the character of God. THAT is why it is so serious and that's why the reprecussions of sin is death. (Rom. 6:23)
Today I woke up with the worst migraine I think I've ever had so much so that I felt sick to my stomach. This was discouraging as I wanted to participate in the day's activites. I'm not sure why this happened but I know it wasn't random. So today was hard...and not my ideal way to end a great weekend, but as we drove home I started to feel better, which was really great.
I'll end with this link to a fantastic article by John Piper. It's called "The Greatest Thing in the World is to be Saved". Check it out.
Oh and you can check out my pictures from Summit at my picture blog and some videos at my video blog.


  1. thanks for sharing and posting those videos girl!

    can't believe I had to miss all that!!

  2. ahh...sounds and looks so exciting...I wish I could have been there to share the moment... here in BC, we just don't get that many people coming...130 from Mac sounds insane I says!

  3. I'm happy you felt better after not too long, I was sad that you were sick.


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