Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So today was my birthday. I woke up grumpy because I didn't want to have to change Noah's diaper, but unfortunately for me, Jamie doesn't read minds. I changed the diaper.
BUT then Jamie played with and fed Noah and I went back to bed. I got scrambied eggs and bacon for breakfast and a new pair of Emus.
Tonight Jamie and I went out for dessert at the new Symposium restaurant (and had $11/glass wine for only $4 - well Jamie did anyway. I went for the Aussie $6/glass). After a delicious and decadent dessert we went across the street to Chapters to mill about, but before we got into Chapters we noticed our old car in the parking lot!!! We knew it was our old Civic because it had the Ron Jon Surf Shop sticker still in the exact same spot on the bumper. It was kinda funny and sad to see it again. We had so many great memories in that car!
When we got home I was hoping to see Alana (our babysitter) on the couch but alas. She was not. Darn. I knew Noah wouldn't stay asleep the ONE night we go out. He's been sleeping just fine when we're home...dang. He's still having trouble settling down. :(
Happy Birthday to me.
27 sounds...old. I don't feel 27. I feel....23. I think. I'm okay with getting older. I don't really worry about it too much. It's just weird. Time keeps a-passing and I understand now how old people can't remember how old they are. "I'm in my 70's I think".
I still hesitate when I give my age. "Am I 26 or 27? I'm pretty sure I'm not 25 anymore...."
All in all, a good day. COLD. But good.
This time last year I was VERY pregnant. And it was like 25 degrees or something.

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