Monday, October 20, 2008

missing $

Whoa. I just checked my bank account online and saw that I my account was not where it should be. I was all like, what the?
Quickly checked the recent transactions and saw that there were TWO withdrawls of $500 each. SOMEONE STOLE $1000 from me. Called my bank. I gotta call another place tomorrow morning for the fraud on my card. Freaky stuff, but apparently I'll get it back.
How does that happen? My card (and Jamie's card) is still with me. No one stole my card but they were able to steal the info and somehow make a card to take out the cash? I have no idea about how any of this stuff works. There is a big, bad world out there that I have zero clue about.


  1. This is insane! I can't believe this stuff actually happens. Good to hear you're getting the money back.

  2. Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that Vaness. Have you checked your bank account on a public internet thingy? Perhaps that was how it happened. Someone got your account info and transferred from your account or something. I'd never heard of something like that until Andrew told me not to check my account stuff online using public internet.

  3. hey sorry to hear that. wow. i hope they nab them!

    happy birthday!

  4. craaaazy....

    a tip my dad told me...whenever you go to a restaurant that isn't fine dining you should watch them swipe your card.. so they don't swipe it twice..

  5. That happened to me this summer as well! To my credit card, though - got caught up in that gas fraud ring. All these crazy charges from Petro got charged to my card ... fishy because I don't own a car (hm...)

    But, the bank fixed it all. Cancelled my card and sent me a new one, and took the charges off.


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