Thursday, October 23, 2008


I think I REALLY want one of these.
My creative juices are starting to flow again and I'm dying to snap away!
In this digital age, I'm craving something more tangible. Changing film, waiting for it to develop, getting your pictures back and looking through them in the hopes that some of them turned out.
Hmm...maybe....we'll see.


  1. Do it. They're so cheap and they take such interesting photos. All that said, film costs a lot and I've only had a couple rolls turn out.

  2. GET ONE. they are AMAZING.
    the film isn't that cheap, but if you're in toronto, theres a place down by the eaton centre (elm street - "elpro")
    You feel funny when taking pictures, as in, it doesn't feel like you're doing anything at all. But most of them turn out. the blurry/double exposed image is what they are known for!

    if you want you can check mine out! all of them turned out...if even slightly.

    p.s. sorry for randomly creeping your blog.


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