Saturday, June 13, 2009

34 week ponderings

I can't believe I'm 34 weeks pregnant. And that I have 6 weeks or less left (well, at least I think it'll be less...who really knows, though?) to go before we meet this little guy.
Sleeping hasn't really gotten harder since I first started having trouble sleeping, so that's kinda nice. I mean, some nights are good nights, some are not so good. It's been that way since...2 or so months ago?
Going from sitting to standing can be excruciating and forget about our trip that we hoped to take Noah to the zoo for the day. There's no way I could handle walking around for a whole day! So that will have to wait until next year - that's fine, though as he'll only enjoy it even more then! :)
I can't wait to move into our place and pull out all the baby clothes and put them in the dresser. I already saw a few of Noah's old things and was all, "Awwwwww". Don't even talk to me about how small size 1 diapers are too! I got a freebie in the mail and Jamie and I just looked at it in astonishment and then stared at Big Noah...:) Noah will look so big compared to this baby at first.
Noah's going to be such a sweet older brother (I hope). Mmm...give him about 18 months and they'll be playing like best buds.

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  1. Oh yes, even his wt will feel like a featherweight in comparison!! I'm so excited to meet him too and see Noah's reaction...need a videographer?
    Oh, happy day!!


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