Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GBS positive

What a bummer.
I got a call from my midwives today and found out that I am indeed GBS (Group B Strep) positive. The implications from this are many:
1. the recommended procedure is that once I go into labour or my waters break, I am supposed to get an IV antibiotic. The reason for this is that there is a risk that baby may contract GBS and if so, MAY develop a disease which MAY result in death. Quick death.
2. Midwives are unable to write prescriptions for antibiotics. So my family doctor is being approached to see if she is willing to write a prescription for this antibiotic so I don't have to go to the hospital for the first dose. If she ISN'T willing, it's likely I will have to go to the hospital for the first dose. BOO.
3. Obviously the choice is mine. The chance of baby getting GBS and contracting the disease is slight, but the risk is great. Potential death. On the other hand, if the baby doesn't get GBS, he is still getting the antibiotic which changes the natural flora in his digestive tract and makes him more susceptible to yeast infections (or thrush if it's in the mouth) which greatly disrupts breastfeeding.
I'm annoyed and deflated that I am in fact GBS positive. I wasn't with Noah so this wasn't even an issue. There just seems like so many downsides to getting the antibiotic but then one gigantic pro IF and only IF this baby is the one of thousands to contract GBS. UGH.
Now I'll need to think about this and talk it over with Jamie and re-read the pamphlet on GBS.


  1. Oh, that does stink! Hopefully your doctor will write the prescription...especially if she knows the midwives and values their services and expertise!!

  2. hey sis, I'll keep this in my prayers for you :( I'm sure you will make a good decision!


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