Monday, June 29, 2009

week 36 stuff

This is me at 36 weeks after a HUGE meal at the Keg with Jamie for our 5 year wedding anniversary.
I think all that delicious food knocked the baby out as he was quite still and quiet for the following few hours.
I've been feeling EXTREMELY tight and large and often find it quite painful to transition from sitting to standing/walking. I can't imagine how I could possibly get any bigger.
I looked at my belly this morning in the mirror and concluded that I've hit the "grotesquely large" looking belly stage. There's a stage where it's cute and beautiful and then seemingly overnight, it morphs into this gigantic...thing.
I suppose it's still beautiful in a symbolic way...but man. This belly is BIG.
I am positive baby had a growth spurt - actually I think Noah had a growth spurt around this time as well. We'll see when the midwives come on Friday to measure - it will also be our home visit then too so we'll see how that goes.

Also, tomorrow I will be going to see my family doctor for a non-pregnancy related thing, but while I'm there, I'm HOPING she will prescribe the antibiotic for GBS so that I don't have to travel into the hospital to get it. I am willing to beg for it at this point...
Also, I re-read the GBS handout the midwives gave me, and at this point I'm realizing that I should have declined the test as I would have had none of the risk factors that they use to treat Mom/baby after the baby is born for GBS. Oh well. What's done is done and I am confident in the sovereignty of God - even in GBS testing. :)

This pregnancy I've found myself referring to the baby by his name (yep, we picked one out!) a lot more than I did with Noah and so am finding myself almost slipping up and revealing the name when I talk about him. It's okay...according to the ticker at the top...I've got about 25 more days (please let it be less!) so if I can keep a lid on the prego brain I should be good. :)


  1. my fav prego pic yet!
    you look terrific!

  2. If you need someone to make a name-slip up with, I'm your girl!!!


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