Monday, June 1, 2009

move part one

The big move (well, part one of two) is over. I am SO GLAD it's over.
We moved out of our apartment on Saturday and it took 1.5 loads of our 17 foot truck. Everything is now in storage but the hard part is over.

It takes a lot to pack up an apartment and we realized we have a LOT of things.
Too much stuff. the hardest part I think was managing Noah who was quite distraught at seeing all these strange people in his house taking away all of his things. I felt pretty badly for him but he was quite adamant that he wanted to be with "Daddy" the entire time.
It took A LONG time to clear our place out (from about 8:30am-1pm) but all our stuff is being stored in 2 friends' garages.

So for now we're living in student housing in Waterloo until June 23rd when we move into our house!!!


  1. Hey...I can totally relate! We are house hunting right now...and contemplating having to use storage and all that crap. Just wish it would be over! So what is your new place? And why did you decide to move anyway? is it because Jamie switched positions?

  2. We're still in Guelph, just in the south end (currently in the North end) and we're moving because our apartment was on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with no elevator and there was no physical way I could cart two kids + gear up and down those stairs by myself so we needed to move.
    We will be moving to a 3 bedroom house and I'm so excited! Backyard, laundry, life is going to be revolutionized by that dishwasher. :D
    What/where are you guys looking for a new place? And why?


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