Friday, June 26, 2009

make them go away!

While unpacking and rearranging Noah's room I came across many, many stuffed animals.
I'm talking excessive amounts of stuffed animals.
There's even more in the garage in boxes that have yet to be unpacked.
It's insane. And unnecessary.
Noah's little brother will need NO stuffed animals. I could easily put some away and bring them out when he gets interested in stuffed animals - Noah would have no idea that they were even his as he doesn't play with ... uh, 90% of them.
I arranged Noah's/the boys' room yesterday and unpacked most of the clothes. I realized that I don't have nearly as many onesies as I thought I did. I could have sworn I had a TON of 0-3/6 month clothing but perhaps I borrowed a lot of it...or did a lot of laundry?
I'll have to double check in the garage, but there must be more lying around.
Anyway, it's time for my 36 week photo op.

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  1. was abit of a shock to reach into a drawer looking for Noah's pj's and grab a tiny onesie!
    too cute! and good job to be getting ready!


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