Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So I'm bummed. I bummeth.
Today I went to see my family doctor for a cyst (at least that's what I think it is) that's grown (overnight) on my nose. I knew she would say to wait until after the baby is born or unless it grows anymore...
BUT while I was there we talked about the request that the midwives sent her to see if she'd write a prescription for the IV antibiotics I need since I'm GBS positive.
She declined to give me a prescription.
I am bummed.
Her reasoning is that if somehow labour is undetectable (ya right) and I don't get the antibiotics in time and baby contracts GBS and is really sick or whatever that being at home would be a bad place and baby wouldn't get the treatment he would need in time. So she even recommended (in not so many words) that I don't even HAVE a home birth but deliver in hospital.
Her second reasoning is for me being given the IV antibiotics at home as having some potential dangers, but I'm not worried about that at all. I'm not allergic to penicilin and I know the midwives are fully capable of administering antibiotics via IV.
She did it all very nicely and almost feeling badly for me - she said "I don't want to dash all your hopes for a home birth, but I know I am." and I don't blame her as she's just doing what she feels is best and safest, but I disagree. And I hope she can talk to the midwives and maybe be convinced otherwise, but I doubt it.
So unless we can find some other doctor who will write me a prescription, my next plan of attack is to go to the hospital, get the first dosage and come back home for a home birth.
But I am meeting with the midwives on Friday so I'll talk to them about all this then and my options.
But I am bummed. Plain out bummed.
It complicates things greatly.
UNLESS I go early and before my friend Jen leaves for BC (she would likely be able to come and watch Noah and he is totally fine with her), I will have to find someone else to come right away and watch Noah while Jamie and I head straight to the hospital for my first dose (it has to be given right away). Someone who knows Noah and is comfortable with him and who he knows as well. Someone who lives in Guelph and can get to our place as quickly as is possible until my Mom can get to our place and watch Noah for us until baby arrives.
So there's that whole headache, much less the trip to the hospital, getting into triage, getting the shot and then heading back home (maybe about an hour total?).
Let's hope this baby doesn't come TOO quickly!
Anyway, so I'm not stressed, but I am disappointed I didn't get a prescription and everything is hunky dorey.
But...it is what it is and really all I care about is everyone being healthy and well taken care of. Ideally that would be at home, but...I guess we'll just have to roll with the punches on this one.

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