Friday, August 12, 2011

going, going, gone - sorta

so this morning we left our families in toronto and boarded a plane for a week of training in chicago.
with all our shtuff for the next 2 years in uganda.

oh yes. we increased our bags from 8 to 9. 
{i just couldn't make it fit.}
sucked it up and paid the luggage fees.
said our teary goodbyes {it was harder for me to watch our parents saying goodbye to our kids} and made our way through customs and to our gate {i 100% recommend sucking it up and paying a porter. especially if you've got kids and you have 9 pieces of luggage. plus carry on luggage. boy did we milk the carry on luggage.}

the boys did great on the plane. 
okay well noah did great. 
jude did not like the whole "sit in your seat with this seatbelt on which will restrict all moving around-type activities.
but whatevs.

all our bags arrived {quickly!} at o'hare and with the help of some friendly US staff people we shuffled all our bins over to the bus and made our way to the hotel.

leg one: completed.


  1. well done! you're that much closer! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. YAY So glad first step is complete with minimal problems. Oh Jude that kid is such a mover! haha!

  3. oh judeypie!

    dang it. i'm so emotional these days..i'm sobbing as i read about the luggage as i sip my tea & eat my zucchini loaf.

    how is chi-town?
    more is the pizza.

  4. What an adventure! Safe travels, etc...


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