Sunday, August 28, 2011

this week i...

landed in entebbe airport.
visited an ugandan hospital with noah.
bartered and bought some crafty-type things at a market.
settled into a new home in a new country on a new continent.
learned how to light a gas stove and oven {lighting the oven is scary but worth it.} and baked muffins.
went to a ugandan church and loved it.
walked over 4km on the streets of kampala with kids in tow.
popped popcorn on my gas stove. {it was delicious. i will teach you how to make it in a coming post.}
fell asleep to the sound of rain falling on our tin roof.
wore skirts a lot.
showered by candlelight.
started watching the LOST series from the beginning {again}.
explained a lot of things to my kids.
ate some of the most delicious french fries {chips} with ketchup at a cafe.
read a lot of heart-warming emails from my sweet friends in canada.
thought about the importance of having friends.
talked to people on skype.
worshipped Jesus in the everyday moments.

how was your week? i'd love to hear!


  1. Yes, your week tops everyones!! but I did have a full and crazy week too!! I fell into bed each night exhausted with what was next, but God IS faithful, and gives strength for each new day:) Today sunday, was the culmination of the week, with Curtis' baptism. It started wrong, with being asleep til he got Keven's text at 8:50am for the 9am service! I had to drive over and get him and back by 9:10!! and can I just say that I was EARLY for the first time in years??? hah! Great sharing then back to the house with the gang...

  2. Wow, I'm already amazed by this journey you're on. So glad you can share it with us here... xo

  3. aww I remember lighting a gas oven in Niger..I threw those matchsticks in with such fear!

  4. I can't wait to keep reading your Ugandan posts! You guys have taken such an amazing leap by moving to another country...I have so much respect for what you're doing :)

  5. I came across your blog recently, and I must say how much I admire your courage and faith. I know how hard it is to listen to God in your heart, and obey him, especially when it means moving halfway around the world. I am praying for you and your family as you spread the word and the love of Christ. I hope you continue to enjoy your adventures as much as I enjoy reading about them!


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