Thursday, August 25, 2011

anecdotes from my side of the world

yesterday i was unpacking a grocery bag and pulled out a pack of hangers when a cockroach {just a small little guy} fell out of the hangers. i lost sight of him and for a second thought i would just leave him. but then i thought about the fact that i was doing all this on my bed. and did i really want a roaming cockroach in my bed? so i searched him out and found him and stepped on him.
then later while lying in bed that night i realized i never picked him up off the floor.

my phone has a function on it that has something to do with the muslim call to prayer.

i am wearing a sweater right now.

the other day we were in a walmart-type store when i got to the cash and realized jude was not with us. we had been split up for a bit, jamie watching the boys while i got some items but then when we all came back together he just wandered off.
mini freak out. right.there.
he was in the toy aisle riding on a baby bike.
wild child.

the appliances we bought the other day don't fit with the plugs here in uganda. apparently you are supposed to take them to the service counter and they switch them for the correct plug. weird. {on the upside, we now have a working toaster and kettle!}

i bought a fan today {finally} only to have a crazy breeze blowing through our home right now. {hence the sweater.}

i went for 2 and a bit days without looking into a mirror. shocking. {we still have no mirrors in our house.}


  1. If the kettle is stainless steel, it'll make a decent mirror!! Oh heart be still...put a beeper on Jude!!...I've tried to skype this am from 7:30 on...nothing :( miss you all!

  2. Welcome to Uganda. Yup- it's crazy here. Crazy wonderful.

  3. i laughed so hard when i read "my phone has a function on it that has something to do with the muslim call to prayer." that i spat out my tea on the kitchen table. i think my mother will spank me for that mess.


    also. kill that cockroach, and ask the locals what they use in their houses. we used plugs & sprays in the middle east.


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