Wednesday, August 10, 2011

we are not special

today at the travel clinic (our third and final visit) i met a couple who were missionaries. 
from kazakhstan. 
placed in toronto to reach the jewish immigrants. 
(their oldest daughter works for campus crusade for christ in kazakhstan.)
they did exactly what we are doing.
they left their known and came to the unknown for the purpose of glorifying God by spreading His fame. for them it meant moving to toronto. 

we are not special people, jamie and i. we're just ordinary folk. ordinary folk who love Jesus and want to bring His name glory by spreading His fame across the nations.
we don't want to waste our (short) lives and for us that means moving far away. 
to uganda.
we want to be a part of something bigger.
we want to glorify God more than anything else in the world. 
i am not brave.
but i am confident in Jesus. 
and i would give my all to follow Him - wherever it leads me.

what does loving Jesus (truly loving Him) mean for your life?

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