Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stove-popped Popcorn

i bought corn kernels at the grocery store the other day. {yup, there are both markets and grocery stores here in kampala.}
i figured at some point i'd probably end up making popcorn.
i figured correctly.
we had no chips and we were all feeling a bit munchy so i decided to make some popcorn.
now it may just be because i'm in africa and all, but this popcorn was the best popcorn i've ever had. and there wasn't even any butter on it! {and i'm a soggy-with-butter-popcorn kinda girl!}
here's how you make it:

you need:
3 tbsp oil (i used canola. you can use whatever you like, but one with a higher smoking point work best}
1/3 cup corn kernels
salt to taste

on med-high heat in a large pan, pour the oil in and 3 or 4 kernels. {trust me.} cover the pan.
when the kernels start to pop, remove from heat and add in the rest of the kernels and cover again. the oil is now at "popping" temperature.
count to 30. {noah likes to do this with me - although he sorta gets lost after 15.} this allows the rest of the kernels to heat up.
then put the pan back on the stove and wait until you start to hear the popping. once you hear the popping, open the lid a bit {if you can, it gives the popcorn a crisper taste/feel} and start shakin'. 
once the popping stops/slows down you can remove the pan and voila! perfect popcorn!
you can add the salt now - OR you can add it to the oil at the beginning. this is what i do and it evenly coats all the popcorn.

i think in my last batch, i only had 2 unpopped kernels. sweet, eh?
and there are endless flavourings you can add:
cinnamon and sugar
parmesan and black pepper
curry powder
or just lots and lots of butter.
but we're pretty happy here just eating it with a bit of salt.



  1. I know what i'm making for a snack tonight! It totally sounds Weight Watchers friendly too :)

  2. Ummmm...I don't remember it doing it quite like that, but I do remember my pot catching fire and throwing it out the kitchen window (as a teen)!! So good, when you do it right :)

  3. yesssssssss! thanks so much for posting this.. i discovered in this neck of the woods popcorn is almost impossible to find and when you do its ridiculously expensive. I feel like kernels will be a lot easier (and more delicious, and more fun to make!)

    thanks for posting!! ^_^


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