Thursday, September 1, 2011


yesterday i decided to just go ahead and make some plans with a blogger friend i had not yet met.
so this morning {after baking some banana bread} jamie called our taxi driver {his name is abby and he's been great so far} and me and the boys loaded into the car and drove to the other side of kampala to meet up with kelly and her boys.
it took less than 30 minutes {i was totally expecting it to be longer} and we arrived to their lovely house way up on a hill.
me and jude. noah was beside me.

my view from the backseat.

oh my. it was indeed a breath of fresh air to my soul.
to be honest, i've been missing my friends and specifically some solid, female interaction. 
and so i prayed.
and God is so faithful.
kelly and i had a lovely time chatting and our boys played together quite well.

in the words of  humphrey bogart, "i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

thanks God for providing for your children. 


  1. so cool!!!
    how did you find each other?
    i always hear the ex-pat community is a small world.
    so happy you met Kelly and can continue to have a buddy in Africa (the first of many I'm sure)!

  2. lovely! i have been praying for a friend for you!!

  3. sweet mercies from a God that deeply loves His Children.

    So happy for you!!

  4. oh V, that is SUCH excellent news. It just never ceases to amaze me how God provides for ALL our needs. So pleased for you.

  5. Wonderful Wonderful. Standing in awe of God's answered prayers! Thanks for sharing!

  6. YAY!! i am rejoicing alongside you.
    that view is ...AMAZING.
    sending SO much LOVE.

    Kelly: you are going to LOVE Vanessa.

  7. man, you beat me to the punch! i have a post percolating... has to do with two girl on two hills... stay tuned :) He is, indeed, too good to us!

  8. tada:

  9. Your smile says it all. SO glad you made a new friend and got some "mom" time!


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