Friday, September 16, 2011

that's my jude.

moments with jude...

watching him walk around the house wearing jamie's necklace. it looks so cute on him!

looking over at him guzzling from my glass of water. "were you thirsty, jude?"
*breathless* "yeeeah."

just now he ran over and handed me my hair straightener {which I have NOT used at all since being here. natural waves, baby.} saying "mom, hold this."

smelling a stink and i ask, "jude, did you do a poop?"
wrinkling his nose, "neeoo. i did poop."

this morning jamie asked him, "jude, where's noah?"
and he answered {no word of a lie}, "he's on the couch watching topy & binoo." just like that.

that's my jude.


  1. can actually have a conversation with the little munchkin! That's gonna be fun to do!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is just so cute! Love the necklace, so stylish too... ;-)

  3. I think I might die from the over whelming cuteness. I want to "chew on those cheeks" as Uncle Sam would say :)


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