Saturday, September 3, 2011

little things

it's the little things that make me happy.
i think that's true about most people.
here's what's made me happy in the past few days:

is it weird that it makes me happy to have somewhere to put my toothbrush and face wash? 

oh and not only do the boys have a shelf for toiletries but they also have a mirror! oh the luxuries!
{it only took 2 weeks. still waiting on ours.}

you guys, i have mixing bowls. in all different colours! happy!

would you just look at that soft lighting? goodbye ugly florescent lights! 
tonight i had a hot shower! {also for the first time in 2 weeks.} 
all those who are planning on visiting us here, take heart! 
your bathroom has the only hot water tank in our house. 

and last, overhearing noah "reading" the very hungry caterpillar to jude this afternoon.
a moment of sibling happiness a midst the cranky, aggravating behaviour that was more than present today.
and now off i go to read in the beautiful glow of my new soft lighting.
bon nuit!


  1. Yes, the little things!! life is full of them and it makes us happy :) Love the bowls...they're everywhere!! and bathroom shelving! woooo hoooo!!

  2. Whenever I get discontent, I will think of you and count my blessings, including a place for our toothbrushes!! Hang in there!


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