Sunday, September 11, 2011

so big

hey noah and jude,
stop growing. okay?

not really. but how are you getting so big so fast?

noah you are long and tall and big and still loving cuddle-time. i love that. 
don't stop loving cuddle-time. 
i think we both forget that we need it every now and then.
and your cheeks.
they are boy cheeks.
not toddler cheeks or baby cheeks.
you're so stretchy-tall!

jude you are talking talking talking.
i'm sorry i can't always understand you.
i know one day i will and you'll be telling me amazing stories and making me laugh even more than you make me already.
you are still squishy. but you are getting so tall!
your arms and legs are so long and you can reach - um, pretty much everything i put up on the counters.
you are fearless.
and jumping! real two-footed jumps!

you boys together = chaos and frustration and joy and sweet moments and separating you to two different couches and wrestling and uncontrollable giggles and brother-secrets and crumbs on the floor and yelling and hugging and driving cars and copying each other and thanking Jesus for our food and family and friends.

oh my boys. i love you.
with all my heart.
my heart is so full.


  1. Ok I KNOW you took this photo of the boys on the bike for me and Sam :) Do you know how long I've been waiting til they weren't afraid of motorcycles to get photos of them on ours??? *tear! But this classic oldie rocks even more so than a new sporty one :) I miss u guys!!!

  2. It's only been ONE month!! how can they have grown that much? I'm so loving that they are so full of mischief...and sad that I'm missing it! the bike shot makes me think of Dad's bike! missing you all!

  3. Precious. Your words and your boys.

    p.s. come link up to Miss Elaine-ous Monday if you get a chance! :)


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