Wednesday, September 21, 2011


happy first monthiversary to us!

to celebrate living in uganda for 1 month we {me and the boys} made rice krispie squares with {lots} of sprinkles. i gave jude a little container of sprinkles thinking he'd pick them up with his fingers and delicately sprinkle them all over the rice krispies.
oh silly, silly me. why of course he just dumped the entire thing out in a pile on top of the rice krispies.
they tasted amazing.

then the boys helped me make {whole wheat molasses} bread.

and then i made italian ground beef and veggie soup with apple crisp for dessert. jamie even came home with strawberry ice cream so we served it up with a scoop of that deliciousness. 

and then {just now} i found out that i won a contest i entered on this fantastic kids style blog i subscribe to. 
what a day of blessings.
what a month of blessings.


  1. care if we do italian soup again for lunch tomorrow? i have this italian bread that must be eaten :)

  2. can i make this bread w/o a bread maker? also, can i have your recipe?

  3. Happy One Month! :-)

    Also, you living in Uganda makes me wish you could go visit the boy we send money and gifts to out there, through Compassion. I wish I could meet him someday myself... I pray for him ALL the time...

  4. OH! they're lovely children. LOOK at Noah's beautiful skin. & MY! look at Jude's huge cheeks. don't you just want to bite them? - mother jasoomani

  5. For your one-monthiversary I am leaving my first comment:) I love that you are celebrating! And I love seeing all the photos! MC


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