Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lessons in being organized

because i can't just run out to the grocery store and buy everything i need in one place {oh how i miss super walmarts - not going to lie}, i am being forced to cultivate something i've tried to do for years.
meal plan.
i know a meal plan saves money, time and lightens my emotional load as dinner hour approaches.
and yet i've not been able to consistently do it.
until now.
i have no car.
and the market doesn't always have what i want or need.
and my fridge is smaller so i only have so much room to keep things cold/frozen.
plus having to cook for two extra guys demands that i think ahead.
so i plan.
my meals and my grocery list.
i use what i have. before it goes bad.
i can't count the number of times we had to throw food out in canada because it went bad because i didn't plan to use it but bought it anyway and then forgot about it.
it makes me sad and kinda sick when i think about it.
we eat everything {except the things that have bugs in them. ahem. oats. ahem.}.
so i've been meal planning on a weekly schedule.
and it's glorious.
and it's posted on my fridge {the yellow one on the right}:
{also we found a woman who will be our "house help" and i've made a weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning plan. look at me all organized and such!}
i am able to plan my week so that we're eating foods that we love and enjoy but also that are good for all of us.
and i'm not stressed.
in fact, i'm really enjoying it.
i've always loved cooking, it's just been the planning {at the last minute} and the clean up that's stressed me.
oh yeah, because i cook, i don't have to clean.
it's a pretty sweet deal.

i figure that 2 years of this will have it fully ingrained in me so that for the rest of my life {whether in Canada or Africa} i'll be meal planning and saving us all time and money.
i set up my meal plan by general categories:
monday: indian/ethnic
tuesday: pasta
wednesday: soup/stew
thursday: comfort food
friday: pizza/mexican
saturday: bbq/leftovers
sunday: big brunch in the morning and a roast/comfort food for dinner

this gave me a framework to build my plan around. wanna know what we're having this week for dinner? m'kay.
monday: indian spiced beef with warm curry potato salad and dhal
wednesday: butternut squash soup & fresh bread
thursday: shepherd's pie
friday: pizza!
saturday: leftovers
sunday: banana pancakes {recipe forthcoming} + egg bake {brunch} and then zesty mac 'n cheese for dinner

how has being organized helped you?
share your tips with me!


  1. I have been meal planning ever since we got married and I love it!!!

    not sure if you've seen these but I have used these downloads to help with planning/organization!
    Karen :)


  2. Wow! That's amazing Vaness. I will have to pinterest this post so I can remember all these good tips! And the tip from Karen as well!


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