Monday, August 22, 2011



I am going to die.

carrying 2 year old jude in my arms and halfway across a crazy downtown kampala street I realize I can't make it with most of our team. 
standing beside me is trevor, the other guy on our team and we both feel the insanity of the streets.
no traffic cops.
no stop signs.
no traffic lights.
kampala rush hour.
we just have to go for it.
eventually we see a break and go for it. a taxi van gives me a nudge {with a child in my arms at that!} and my initiation into kampala living is complete.

I am alive.

we have the week to settle in and buy things like, oh ya know, a fridge, oven/stove and couches. and maybe some hangers. and food. and a broom! 
oh settling in.

my view.


  1. so. very. crazy. But glad to hear that you're safe and sound.
    YOu don't have a fridge...but you DO have internet? :)
    Or are you at a cafe?

    Bring on the Uganda stories.

  2. Haha Melissa! Priorities, ya know? :) Well, we're doing these internet stick thingys as they were a better idea than to install something.
    It's pretty fast. And a lot cheaper and smaller than a fridge. :)
    So tomorrow we go! (Pray!)

  3. ACK! Traffic with babies...that sounds scary :S We'll be praying for your transition! So great to hear from you! Lovely view :)

  4. AND YOU WANT US TO COME AND VISIT?? of course...and they say Toronto streets are bad...hah! Oh I'm praying for your physical safety!!

  5. And this is why some are CALLED to the work of missions and others aren't. I probably would've shaken my fist and then promptly sworn very loudly at the driver...because he wasn't doing things the way I was used to. Sigh. God Bless you V. Its going to be rocky but I do pray that God will give you strength and PEACE. Love ya girl. Love to your fam too.

  6. Gorgeous view. Glad you're all okay!!


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