Tuesday, October 4, 2011


today we made fall leaves and put them up on our front door.
it makes me smile.
i miss fall.


  1. and fall misses you...

    well actually i miss you, especially at Summit this past weekend.

  2. I saw that post- and am about ready to do those leaves myself! :) Will some apples dipped in caramel help you feel better- it's on the menu for Thursday!

  3. I'm sure you do. Those are lovely. :)

  4. Not many people that I know love fall as you...well except my mom (but it might just be cos she's menopausal...lol). I forgot how much I loved fall until it started happening. Its like, I wake up every day and I'm happy...just to wake up. Blue skies and yellow and orange trees and warm sun and cold breeze. Oh!! I'm not rubbing it in, just sharing your appreciation.


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