Monday, October 3, 2011

date night and big Sunday brunch

so we had our first date night since moving to kampala.
we went out for dinner and a movie.
and i took a boda boda. at night.
it was terrifying. 
i honestly do not want to do it again.
and there is no way i will willingly let noah or jude take a ride on one.
absolutely terrifying.
my legs were like jello for a couple hours afterward.
but i digress.
we got there safely and quickly and a lot more cheaply than if we had taken a private hire (taxi cab). 
dinner was delicious, i laughed out loud (a lot) in the movie and we got to chat about a lot of things.

and yesterday was Sunday which meant that we had big Sunday brunch!
it was delicious. i love big Sunday brunch. trevor said to me that he doesn't know which is more exciting; Friday pizza night or big Sunday brunch. i couldn't pick either.
we had bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs with banana muffins (for the kids) and coffee banana scones. yum!
next week i'm making these. um, i'm really excited.

after brunch, while we were at church i was getting pretty frustrated with the boys. they were fighting with each other and up and down and not listening and  i could feel myself getting angry.
angry at the boys. angry at our church for not having children's programs that start at the beginning of church and just angry that i didn't get to have a peaceful church experience. 
as we sang (i forget the song), the thought of sacrifice and picking up our cross and following after Jesus struck me. hard. 
motherhood isn't easy breezy. 
but it isn't the easy breezy things in life that conform us to the likeness of Christ, is it? 
so i lowered my expectations, prayed for patience and love and moved through and forward to choose to have joy. 
and church finished early! 
i was thankful for that. (is that wrong?)

we're just over 6 weeks into life here and it's pretty good. my next goal for myself is to make up a monthly curriculum plan for noah including games, crafts and reading/writing. hopefully by the end of the week i can have something made up.

happy Monday to you!


  1. Oh my goodness...those pancakes look to die for...very similar recipe we use, but wowzers!! and oh, the boda ride...scarey. love the leaves too. Yes, I get that moment of truth...keep your spiritual ear tuned...awesome!

  2. So...the brunch thing sounds amazing. But the fact you went for a date night in Kampala is more so! I know you said the first language was English, movies are English?? And menus??

  3. Yes, Tam. Everything is in English. The menus, the movies, the signs. Everything. It's awfully convenient, that's for sure!


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