Tuesday, October 11, 2011


there is so much to be thankful for;

no headache when i woke up this morning.
a new swing set for the boys!

{do you like our tire swings? i think they're cool.}

turkey dinner - the turkey was a fail {um, i had to pluck some lingering feathers. it was not a pleasant experience.}, but still...turkey! in africa! amazing.

and the pumpkin pie. how is it that the smell of something brings back memories of so many things? when i smelled this pie come out of the oven last night, i thought of autumn, thanksgiving in canada, Summit {a student retreat that we go on every year}, fall leaves and so much more. and the taste...so worth the baking, mashing, blending, straining that i did. it.was.amazing. {if i do say so myself.} my first ever pumpkin pie! from scratch. like, for real scratchy, scratch scratch.
bet you've never seen a rectangle slice of pie before! {i had no pie plate so i improvised.}

anyway, jude thought it was good enough to practically inhale. and quite frankly, i agree.

and just over a year ago i wrote this. and now we're here. amazing.


  1. happy thanksgiving! you are amazing! i love your fearlessness in trying new things and how you keep pressing on to create the familiarities of HOME for your family, even in a foreign land. you inspire me! love you and i'm thankful for the Stricklands! p.s. so glad your head is feeling better.

  2. Your meal looks delicious and pumpkin pie is THE best. Good for you for making it from scratch - wow!
    Happy Thanksgiving. :D

  3. Yes!! no headache!! and the pie looks amazing!! jamie must have been very happy too :) love the swag of hands...you are awesome in your determination to love God by serving Him in any way you can! Many blessings to you all.
    love Mom


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