Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GO: it's official

Two months ago, I wrote this.

It's now official.

We are moving to Kampala, Uganda next year (likely late August/early September) for two years.

It's exciting and overwhelming and scary but there's a peace I think Jamie and I both feel that assures us that this is exactly where we need to be. Because even if it's not safe or comfortable, the best place for me (and my family) is wherever God wants me to be.

We'll know more after Jamie visits Uganda in November/December for a set-up trip. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and getting more of an idea of what to actually expect.


  1. crazy! ... I'm kind of speechless... even though you warned me. :)

  2. yay!

    That's exciting. David & I are praying about going to Africa in the next 2 years! You must share all your cooking while you are there!

  3. Haha...maybe you should've gotten your motorcycle license! and practise balancing big jugs on your wrapped head!!...ok, I'm looking to collect anyone's air miles please!!!

  4. this is amazing.
    i'm excited...and sad. but mostly just excited.

  5. looks like Sam and I should start saving for our Uganda vacation ;) haha!

  6. I have the same thoughts and feelings as Aban!

  7. I think that's awesome Vanessa! it'll be such an exciting time - planning and moving.
    your boys will grow so much through the experience.

  8. you will love it. and i will visit you. for real...i'm sure of it. [isn't it crazy that we'll meet there after we're probably much closer here. where are you now anyway? IF you want to answer.]
    also, [while we're sitting on the beach] have i told you that our next boy will probably be jude? =)
    i'm subscribing here now. i'm bad, bad, bad at reading blogs, but this will help!!


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