Thursday, October 7, 2010



I ran 5k and pushed both the boys in the double stroller. Up a gigantic hill.




You know when you have an internal dialogue about whether you can or can't do it? Well that was me the entire time. I just kept convincing myself I could go to the next driveway or next street or stop light. Or half of the hill. And then to the top.

The boys are really good when they're going fast, so they were great. Jude kept saying, "Go! Go!" and clapping for me and Noah kept asking me questions which I found a bit hard to answer sometimes when I was really out of breath, but all in all, they were a great cheer squad for me.

My 10k is next Saturday and I'm excited. I really want to do it in under an hour, but my training hasn't been as good lately (with all the sicknesses and whatnot) so I'm hoping that the last 6 months or so of running will pay off and I'll be able to boot it for my best personal time.

Go! Go! Go!


  1. AWW that's so cute with Jude saying GO GO :) what more motivation do you need than that!

  2. Go! Go! Go! Vanessa!
    You can do it!

  3. That is awesome!! I'm purchasing my shoes tomorrow for a first running goal. However Caleb definitely won't be clapping me up any hills. :)

    Absolutely adorable. You are such a great Mom Vanessa!


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